The Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies (SVIMS) for Women is a logical culmination of our Revered Founder's dream of empowering women students to take on leadership roles in society. The institution is inspired by the faith that, “In the new unfolding of India's destiny, women have to play an important part”. As Sadhu Vaswani often said: The woman-soul will lead us upward, on!

SVIMS is one of the flagship institutions of the MIRA Education Board, functioning under the aegis of the internationally renowned Sadhu Vaswani Mission, under the mentorship of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, one of India’s most respected spiritual leaders. Our lineage from the Mission gives us our unique identity, our special values and our fundamental moorings in ethics and fair practices.

Our goal is to help produce a new generation of women managers who will not only be self-confident and sensible, but also ethical and sensitive to the tremendous challenges they will face in the corporate world. We hope to create a new generation of successful women professionals, who will combine idealism and pragmatism in their approach to the challenges of personal and professional life.